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The Real Estate Buying Process in Costa Rica

Before deciding on buying any property it is essential to complete an evaluation of your wants and needs, this should be the time to consult a professional to objectively assist you for this process.

Likewise the affiliated member of the Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR) will offer you better options in identifying suitable properties as well as about financial matters. A qualified Real Estate Broker has the expertise and knowledge of available properties to assist you with your real estate transaction. It is important to have a qualified broker to represent you and advise you throughout the buying process.

Using a broker who is affiliated with the Costa Rica Chamber of Real Estate Brokers means that your broker is professionally trained in terms of real estate practices in Costa Rica, has extensive contacts and access to listings. Your CCCBR broker will be knowledgeable of the entire sales process including; prices, contracts, taxes, transfer fees, regards to sale, property title and survey.

Unless otherwise stated, this invaluable service is free to the buying client.


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