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Having recently returned to my Canadian homeland after over 6 years away, there were many differences I noticed: about my home and native land, as well as what’s changed in me.  The noises and the congestion were the same, for instance, but my reactions to them were surprisingly different.I loved living in Canada in the past; and there are beautiful places to live found all around the world, with myriad reasons for why they are favored over others.  I don’t want to speak... + read more
If you  have considered coming to Costa Rica to look at properties, now is the time to buy in the south pacific villages of the Costa Ballena area.  The local real estate market is heating up with the weather and we expect this to continue. People want to live in this growing region, filled with vibrant communities that are situated amidst the natural wonders of this jungle forest region, with fresh mountain air and stunning views overlooking pristine, palm lined beaches. ... + read more
Life is about give and take.  Sometimes when we decide to make big changes in our lives, we can begin to feel like we are giving more than we are getting in return.  When this happens to us, it is a good idea to breathe, regroup and consider all of the reasons why we are making the big changes in the first place.  Is it because we are actively seeking some better way of living?  I can’t tell you that Costa Rica will be better or worse than where you are right now.... + read more
Canadians are increasingly investing in real estate outside of Canada, according to the Financial Post.Fueled by prosperous domestic prices, Canadians bought record amounts of residential property outside of the country over a 12-month period.  Costa Rica is one of the destinations that Canadians are preferring for a variety of reasons.Purchases of income properties in the eco-tourism hotspot of Costa Rica’s south pacific coast are gaining momentum each year because of the... + read more
‘Blue zone’ is a term coined by Dan Buettner to represent the small regions of the world that have an unusually large percentage of their population who are over 100 years of age. Costa Rica is one of the nations that hosts a blue zone, found in the Nicoya Peninsula.The Costa Ballena is not geographically near the Nicoya, however culturally and contextually, the two regions share much in common. As in Nicoya, the Costa Ballena is a historically agricultural region of Costa Rica and... + read more


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