Costa Rica, The Perfect Destination to Reinvent Your Life or Business

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Costa Rica is known as Switzerland of Latin America because of its stand on peace and its reputation as a center of international investment. The country enjoys a level of prosperity unrivaled in Central America. Costa Rica has become one of the most desirable retirement destinations in the world because of its ideal climate, breathtaking beauty, and being a country of great heart and soul.

If you're looking for the perfect retirement location, why not Costa Rica? Costa Rica, bordered west by the Pacific Ocean, east by the Caribbean, north by Nicaragua and south by Panama, it is a prime location in the heart of Latin America. This small country boasts a local population of kind, tolerant, friendly and educated people; a long-standing stable and democratic government; quality and affordable healthcare; a progressive and growing infrastructure; an open environment for foreign business investment, and a positive outlook on protecting its wealth of natural resources.
Costa Rica is the perfect destination to re-think or re-invent your life or business, or simply maintain your personal status quo. And, you can drink the water, communicate, hibernate and live the Pura Vida life in this country that is beyond clean, welcoming, open-minded and communicative whether or not you speak the language.

The reasons to choose Costa Rica are as abundant as the overall diversity of this enchanting country.  It has it all, majestic mountains, delightful beaches, and the healthiest climate of the world. There is a profusion of flora and fauna like nowhere else on this planet. And on top of it all, you can find very reasonable real estate prices especially in the South Pacific Region of Costa Rica. All of this makes Costa Rica a true paradise.

Real estate in Southern Pacific Zone is available at excellent prices. If you are looking for a vacation or retirement home, or for a profitable and secure real estate investment, Osa Tropical Properties invites you to take a tour of our multiple properties listed in this region. We offer investors a realistic option with price ranges to satisfy every need.

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