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What Does It Really Mean When a Home in Costa Rica Has Good Bones?

People frequently talk about “good bones” when it comes to purchasing a home in Costa Rica —and everywhere else in the world!  But it’s not always crystal clear what that actually means. It can be an argument for purchasing a superficially unattractive home, but there are also plenty of residences that have been badly designed,…

Digital Real Estate in Analog Costa Rica – Leveraging Tech to Better Serve International Buyers


If there’s one thing to be said about life in the tropics, it is that the pace of progress lags well behind the “modern world.” Costa Rica is no exception to this informal rule of the tropics.  It may be one of the fastest growing developing economies in Latin America with a highly-literate, high percentage…

Investing In South Pacific Costa Rica Real Estate – Top Tips For The Beginner

Investors have always found real estate to be a safe bet.  Investing in housing markets in places like Canada, the US, and Western Europe have traditionally been one of the best ways to build a fortune.  But some of today’s investors are looking for something extra and those who are willing to take on a…