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Active Seniors Are Choosing Retirement in Costa Rica in 2021


Retirees from around the world who are looking for a better quality of life are contacting our office wondering if all they have heard about retirement in Costa Rica is really true. Are people really happier living in Costa Rica? Are there really that many options for fresh and delicious food? And, most commonly, what…

Riveting Lifestyles On Riverfront Properties in Costa Rica


Riverfront properties in Costa Rica are newly in demand. Nature and sustainability lovers are opting to take hold of their future choosing to invest now in this limited resource. Imagine a soft, eternal hush as you rock slowly in a hammock with tall, centenarian trees waving their branches filled with giant leaves over you. This…

Beyond Snowbirds in Costa Rica


Snowbirds in Costa Rica have chosen to stay for the year in 2020 because of border restrictions, health conditions, safety, and, of course, the weather. Seasonal travelers, aka “snowbirds,” are a likeminded group of people who prefer to escape their snowy location in the wintertime. Dry or wet, the beautiful nuisance that is snow becomes…

Travel Guide For U.S. Citizens and Other Tourists Entering Costa Rica


As of the beginning of September, select tourists from the United States will be permitted to enter Costa Rica with certain stipulations. Tourists have been coming into Costa Rica from the European Union, Canada, parts of Asia and Oceania since the start of August, 2020. To protect the health of their people, the Government of…

Young Americans Moving To Costa Rica: Why 40-Somethings Are Our New Hot Buyers

Living off the grid is a hot topic for young Americans moving to Costa Rica in 2020 The U.S. economy is changing with—and because of—demographic changes in American society. On average, the U.S. population has grown older. This aging makes a big difference to the median income because retirees typically live off savings and generate…

Tamarindo Versus Costa Ballena: 5 Reasons to Choose Southern Costa Rica


Tamarindo versus Costa Ballena: Five reasons why the South Coast of Costa Rica does it better than the North The northern coast of Costa Rica has long been the place that the majority of tourism comes into the country from around the world. With its long, sandy beaches, warm weather, and great surf, the surfers’…