Costa Rica means “rich coast” in Spanish, and it is rich, but in things some other than gold. Known as the Switzerland of Latin America due to its stand on peace and its reputation as a center of international investment, the country enjoys a level of prosperity unrivaled in Central America. With a population of 6 million people, this tiny country is a glowing example of peaceful democracy, stability, advocacy and praiseworthy development.

Biodiversity & National Parks.

Thanks to its geographical position as a land bridge linking the Americas and its variety of climates and habitats, Costa Rica is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. It is safeguarded by an extensive system of natural parks and protected wildlife areas, which cover over twenty-eight percent of the country. Costa Rica protects the home of one of the most biologically rich ecosystems in the world. Thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy the unspoiled forest and their abundant wildlife.


Whichever corner of the country you turn out in, there is always some place to stay. The more popular tourist areas can offer a wide array of lodging and hotels, from all-in luxury resorts to homey cabins or backpacker hostels.


Talented musicians abound in Costa Rica. There are several world-renowned bands in the country, as well as more than a dozen up and comers. Mariachi musicians strolls the streets and restaurants, instruments in tow and sombreros perched on the head, doing what they do best entertaining lovers, ex-lovers, fools, poets, and everyone in between.

The number of movie theaters has increased and it seems even more will open this year. A world of TV is available with cable and satellite television. Over 63 channels plus “pay for view” movies are available. Greater than 100 radio stations provide information and news and some of them in English.

Museums & Art.

Costa Rica possesses an important group of museums dedicated to collecting, preserving, and displaying the cultural heritage, and imparting our values. They are located throughout the country and uphold the legacy, which reflects the contributions of the indigenous, Afro-Costa Rican, Asian, European, and Central American populations. Museums offer more than displays of art, history, and science, and visitor can also participate in their workshops, concerts and plays. The country also offers the greatest of its plastic art at the galleries. Some cultural centers also show temporary exhibits of national or foreign artists.

Newspaper & magazines.

Many sources of information exist in English for visitors and residents. The Tico Time covers news, politics and culture with sections on tourism, residency and Central America. Costa Rica Outdoors, a bimonthly magazine specializing in outdoor life from fishing, sports, hiking and outdoor culture and events. Business Costa Rica, monthly magazine from the CR-North American Chamber of Commerce on national and international news. Ballena Tales covers restaurants, hotels, tourism, life style and activities on the Pacific Coast.

Health Care.

The country puts its emphasis on medical care and education. Costa Rica’s public health facilities get high marks for their quality, free or low-cost service, especially in comparison with that of other Latin American countries. Water is a very precious and scarce resource, especially in the dry season. Costa Rica is one of the few places in Latin America where you can safely drink from the public water supply.

In Costa Rica, the life expectancy rates are comparable with the developed world. Private hospitals offer an efficient, personalized service, difficult to find at public hospitals. Some international insurance is accepted. Many doctors at the private facilities studied in the U.S. or Europe and speak English.

Telephones & Internet.

Cell phone service is readily available throughout Costa Rica as well as telephone land lines. High speed internet service is available via a variety of service providers. Electricity is 110v and uses the standard US two prong plug.

Living & Working Here.

Enclaves of foreigners have settled into Costa Rica’s forests, cities and near beaches in small communities, often linked by their foreign status and a common language. Peace and relative prosperity, and the country’s tremendous natural beauty have brought over 130,000 foreign residents to the country, at least 90,000 of them English-speakers.

Investing in Costa Rica.

From setting up your own business to investing in local companies, moneymaking opportunities abound in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has one of the most open economies in the region. It has free-trade agreements with Canada, Central America, the Caribbean Community, Chile, Mexico and with the U.S. Investors can exchange colones or Euros for dollars and vice-versa at any bank and may move their money in and out of the country.

Its combination of a relaxed lifestyle, agreeable climate and political stability, have made it the number one focus in the American Tropics for retirees, investors and holiday home owners. Our Real Estate Company in the South Pacific Coast offers property investors a realistic option with price ranges.


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