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Costa Rica: A Republic of Peace, Democratic Tradition and Tropical Splendor

Blessed by an environment featuring a number of micro climates, Costa Rica offers visitors splendid scenery suitable for spending an unforgettable vacation.

“The best of Costa Rica is its people”, states a popular promotional slogan, a phase that is indeed true as visitors discover the warm hospitality of “Ticos”, the nickname where the country’s inhabitants are widely known.

While traveling through the Costa Rican countryside it is always possible to find someone ready to assist with directions and other information about the area.

Besides its friendly people and democratic system, over twenty-five of the country’s territory is protected by law for preservation of natural environment. Dozens of national parks and protected areas in Costa Rica are scattered around the country providing proper habitats for conservation of a variety of flora and fauna.

Costa Rica is a peaceful society. The national army was banned by the Constitution over fifty years ago. There is a Democratic system that provides for presidential elections every four years. The current law bans reelection. Costa Rica has gained international recognition for its educational system.

Costa Rica offers a very functional highway and a secondary road infrastructure connecting the entire country. It only takes two and a half hours to travel by land form San José to Limón on the Caribbean coast and no more than ninety minutes to travel from San José to nearest beaches on the Pacific coast. It is easy to travel by land from one coast to the other within hours. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the Caribbean and be on the Pacific side eventually for dinner.

There are two international airports, on in San José and the other in Liberia. In additional there are a number of regional airports providing access by air to all parts of the country.

International lodging corporations serve the city of San José as well as the country’s main recreational areas. A very large and sophisticated leisure infrastructure has developed throughout the entire territory, featuring splendid golf courses and others recreational sports facilities.

The city of San José has developed a strong infrastructure and a highly trained work force allowing successful completion of seminars, conferences and conventions. In fact, there are several convention centers, fully equipped, with translating services. Specialized companies are prepared to tailor any kind of convention and combine it with sightseeing or one day tours.

One of largest and most demanding tourist operation in the world is the cruise ship industry which Costa Rica serves successfully on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides. Several local tour operators have combined one-day tours with excellent gourmet services and luxurious motor coaches specially to serve cruise ship passengers who wish to visit some of the country while their ship is in port. This effort has resulted in an annual increase in the number of port arrivals the country has experienced in recent years.

For leisure, real estate investments, retirement or business, Costa Rica has a lot to offer. The tourist infrastructure has consistently improved in recent years.

Come and visit Costa Rica you won’t regret it.


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