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Luxury Living in the Natural Beauty of Costa Rica’s South Pacific Region of Costa Ballena

The term refuge is defined as “a place offering shelter and safety from pursuit, danger or trouble.”  In an era dominated by the environmental catastrophes of industrialization, Costa Rica is a refuge from the noise and pollution found in much of the rest of the world.

But Costa Rica is more than that.  It is an experience.  It is a lifestyle.  It is an ethic.  There are myriad majestic landscapes awaiting visitors in this nation where land and water are kept in pristine conditions in many regions.  This is a land where you will find secluded waterfalls, peaceful rivers, breathtaking views, warm ocean waters, calm, quiet beaches, and sublimely fresh air, food and water.  This is a land to spend quality moments with your loved ones.  This is your personal getaway.

Many expats who have found their way to Costa Rica opt for extended vacations to escape from the cold winters of their homeland.  This is a country where you can purchase a property in the weather of your choice.  The average year-round temperature in the South Pacific region called the Costa Ballena is 80-94 degrees (28-34 degrees Celsius).There is no summer or winter, only warmth year-round, and you won’t find tornadoes or hurricanes in this tropical region, with only the tail end of these extreme weather conditions even coming close to this region.

Top of the line amenities

This area of Costa Rica has everything that cash buyers are seeking from a tropical lifestyle, including premium views, elaborate exteriors, and deluxe terraces, pools, and outdoor showers.  Life happens outdoors in Costa Rica and all of your entertaining will be done outside.  

More recently, as access to high-end imports becomes more available, homeowners have been spending more on smart technology such as temperature controls, security and home theatre systems. 

As land value increases, older homes are being demolished rather than remodeled because construction has dramatically improved in recent years, allowing for more and better connection to nature.  As such, there is a large opportunity in land development, with new construction technology becoming more prevalent.  Wildlife refuges are a popular investment and infrastructure is being installed in environmentally considerate ways, like power lines below the ground tor the protection of migrating monkey troops.

The locations for many homes and businesses in Costa Ballena feel incredibly private and remote, despite being a short drive from towns, beaches and attractions.

Building in Costa Rica is a relatively straightforward process.  Permitting procedures are simple and the construction industry has developed significantly over the decades of expats commissioning structures, creating a higher demand for high-end construction materials.  These paths to paradise are well-traveled and investors find themselves in good company in Costa Ballena.

The type of people attracted to this region include those interested in vibrant natural wonders, surfing, yoga, wellness, as well as the ultimate in relaxation, all of which are abundantly prevalent and enjoyed in exquisite locations.  Home owners in Costa Rica find themselves with an up-close view of the region’s wildlife and scenic vistas.

Luxury is on the rise in Costa Rica

Lavish hotels showcasing a union between luxury and nature are drawing international visitors who want access to both adventure and relaxation.  With over 70% of the country preserved in protected lands and national forests, there is no shortage of natural wonders for visitors to enjoy, and increasingly wealthy travelers are bringing with them the expectation of luxury amenities.

Building a luxury home in the middle of the jungle with an eco-ethic will likely include lots of glass, allowing for the sensation of being the in jungle without the jungle being in your home.  Modern mansions are fast becoming the norm with high-end investors who tend to like to include infinity-edge pools, outdoor kitchens and floor to ceiling glass walls in their build for maximizing ocean views.  

Local architects have learnt to work with low-maintenance materials, solar-power systems and wells for drinking water, while featuring modern construction methods and materials in their designs for a sustainable and contemporary finished product.

For those who need a splash of the big city life, the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, is home to theaters, museums, and the giant luxury shopping complex Multiplaza Escazu.  Here you can also find the country’s best private medical facility, Hospital Cima, a top of the line facility that caters to expats.

Investors into Costa Rica find themselves in good company with celebrities and business moguls who are buying large tracts of waterfront land for private estates, corporate retreats or family compounds.

The Costa Ballena region is especially popular with the elite crowd due to the exclusivity of luxurious amenities available and the ease of access to three international airports and two mega-yacht marinas.  They come to enjoy the relative safety and anonymity that this naturally secluded region of the world provides and notable residents purchase here for privacy and to savor the wild surroundings, not to broadcast their presence.

If you want to find yourself in the company of the best and brightest in a land where the wonders of nature inspire awe every day, Costa Rica’s Costa Ballena is the right place to invest.  Close enough to everything you need and far away enough from everything you don’t, this is truly the lap of luxury.

 By Alex Swift


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