It’s time to launch your lot for sale in Costa Ballena above the competition with our crushing sales strategy for successful results! We have sold many vacant properties in the Southern Zone of Costa Rica over the last decade and we know what buyers expect to see and what attracts them to buy a particular lot. Stop making the same senseless mistakes as the countless other lot sellers in our region and replicate the solutions that we, the experts, know work.

The Top 3 Most Profitable Tips For Your Lot in Costa Ballena

There are three seriously important things that every lot owner should do if you want buyers to consider purchasing your lot in Costa Ballena:

Our first piece of absolute must-do advice for sellers who want to convert showings into sales is to ensure that you are providing easy access to your lot. Buyers naturally want the ability to walk across a property to see the locations with the best vantage points with their own eyes. You know, since they are already in the area. Many lot-seekers would also like to trace the perimeter to see the size and shape of your property for sale. To do either of these things, we need to be able to get onto your property fairly easily. If you are trying to sell your lot and you don’t at least have stairs up to the main plantel, you will have a difficult time getting anyone onto your property. This equals a significant reduction in the amount of people who will therefore consider purchasing it. The steps you have can be simple and made by a gardener cutting into a hill. The main thing that we want to do is to be able to walk up to the future building site to at the very least see the spot where someone will eventually want to build a home or business.

The second important tip for all motivated sellers of lots in Costa Ballena is to make sure that your property is chopped. Buyers will more often than not refuse to walk on a lot if it has tall grass because it can be home to dangerous snakes and other wildlife. In the dry season, you can get away with chopping your lot every three months. But in the rainy season this needs to be done every two months, if not more often. And most importantly, if you have a view, whether it is an ocean, mountain, river, or any other special feature, keep that view visible. If it is what made you want to buy your property, it is likely the feature that will sell it to the next person. Subtle trimming of branches and foliage can go a long way in making that wow factor pop!

The third tip that every seller should follow to get more eyes on their lot listing is to have a ‘For Sale’ sign. Visitors who have caught the pura vida bug are especially prone to taking notice of ‘For Sale’ signs because they are already imagining themselves turning their lives upside down and moving to Costa Rica. Any lot that they see for sale is going to stoke their fantasies of building a tropical ocean view retreat. Realtors will also take notice of lots for sale, always checking for the qualities that match their clients’ wish lists. Our office receives phone calls regularly from people driving past a property with our ‘For Sale’ sign wanting to know more details. By that point, they’ve likely already stepped out of their cars and fallen in love with the view and the feel of the space. The only thing left standing in the way of their making an offer is whether the price of your property is right or not.

Pricing Your Lot For Sale in Costa Ballena

From our long-time experience in pricing lots in Dominical, Uvita, Ojochal and beyond, the market for resale lots is lower than many sellers are pricing today. Many lots have been for sale in Costa Ballena for a number of years because the sellers bought from a developer years ago, letting the property sit with no maintenance and expecting to receive the same or more money than what they paid. The sellers who are selling lots with features like full access to utilities and with a well-maintained landscape are seeing the best returns closest to asking price.

Other Enchanting Features for Your Lot for Sale

Although you don’t want to crowd a vacant lot with trees and greenery, many buyers become attached to things like a giant hardwood tree on the property or a variety of fruit trees along the border of a property. Mature trees and landscaping can be a big enticement for those who are envisioning building on the lot in the near future but don’t necessarily want to wait a number of years before having that big shade tree or annual fruit harvest. Colorful bushes lining the driveway can also be an eye-catching feature that make a great first impression. Try not to clear everything before you sell — talk to your agent first and get their opinion.

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