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Taking Control of Your Health in Costa Rica


I am grateful to be living in Costa Rica because this beautiful tropical nation inspires me daily to take control of my health. Having just returned from a trip to Canada, I am reminded of why being in a first-world…

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Costa Rica Real Estate Market Report for October 2019

This month’s Osa Tropical Properties real estate market report for South Pacific Costa Rica highlights the strengths and weaknesses in Costa Rica’s plan for promoting its top industry. South Pacific Costa Rica’s real estate markets have grown significantly in recent…

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How to FI/RE in Costa Rica: The Basics


Financial independence and early retirement (FI/RE) are two linked dreams that have become a reality for many who choose to retire early in Costa Rica. When you think retirement age, you probably think of someone in their late 50s or…

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New Tourism Campaign, Costa Rica: Only The Essentials


‘Costa Rica: Only The Essentials’ is Costa Rica’s newest international campaign to attract more tourism from the United States and Canada. Costa Rica’s Tourism Board (ICT) is branding the country as “an opportunity to connect with the essence of life:…

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