Riverfront properties in Costa Rica are newly in demand. Nature and sustainability lovers are opting to take hold of their future choosing to invest now in this limited resource.

Imagine a soft, eternal hush as you rock slowly in a hammock with tall, centenarian trees waving their branches filled with giant leaves over you. This is just one of the naturally powerful sensations that those lucky enough to live near a river can experience often. Rivers in Costa Rica also come with a generous helping of warm weather, sensational rains, and fantastic wildlife sightings on the regular. This is a landscape that is all about providing a sense of refuge, tranquility, and natural delights. Because when you live close to nature, you become more connected with its serenity.

Riverside living is not for everyone. Many people come to Costa Rica to enjoy a delicious life of leisure that is filled with wide open ocean views that look down over the jungle. But some buyers of Costa Rica real estate relish in the idea of having access to their own private jungle oasis filled with wild and wonderful experiences. They don’t want to view nature from afar—they want to live practically in it!

Many new foreign property buyers in Costa Rica are valuing the traditionally less desired riverfront properties more and more. For those who are wondering what it’s like to live on the wilder (yet super tranquil) side of life, here are some of our favorite reasons to favor a riverfront property in Costa Ballena.

Natural Wonders of Riverfront Properties


A lovely secluded lot for sale on Tortuga River in Ojochal

Dipping into your Costa Rica property’s private river pools is a sensational experience for kids and those young at heart to enjoy. These magical, natural spaces can be perfect for connecting with our environment and relishing in the fruits of nature. A beautiful ocean view infinity pool can be a wonderful cooling experience for those seeking refuge from the tropical heat. But that is the easy route to enjoyment that is best suited to those briefly visiting this region. Tourists don’t have time to tire of the more conventional manmade pool. Those who spend more time in the tropics are likely to learn that natural shade is a key luxury in Costa Rica living. A beautiful riverside location in the jungle can grant you access to some of the most vividly stunning waterfalls and river locations that you could imagine. You also won’t have to pay to clean your pool with chemicals. The small, mountainside rivers of the Costa Ballena are the perfect setting to take in the scent of the fresh mountain water as it mixes with the flowering trees and arrives to you on a gentle inland wind.

The peaceful sounds of the varying biodiversity is possibly the most captivating quality about riverside living in Costa Rica. No two spots—even along the same river—will ever sound the same. Birds, crickets, unique plant life and even the way that the rocks and fallen trees frame the river and flowing water will shape the sounds that you hear in the music of the jungle.

Being close to a river will sometimes mean that your property is on a slope and your home sits closely in line with the canopy of the trees below. This vantage point provides for great wildlife sightings of sloths, monkeys, pizotes, anteaters, and many more exotic creatures that love to be near a fresh water source. The closer you are to a natural river landscape, the more diversity you will experience in the biosphere around you.



A large farm for sale in Tres Rios with a year round river and some of the best waterfalls in the area

Riverside properties are especially sought after by those in the know who want to spend a long and happy life in Costa Rica. These properties are most likely to provide a key resource for a successful venture into self-sustainability. Being close to a river means that your property has access to year round freshwater. A constant water source gives life to the largest trees with the deepest root systems like the Guanacaste and the ceiba trees and many of the larger fruit trees like mango and mamon chino. And having these larger trees nearby provides shade for your property and allows for the growth of smaller trees, bushes, and flowering plants that stay close to the ground. The sun in Costa Rica can be very hot if you are left with no shade and those who prefer to live closer to nature will choose a riverfront property for this reason over an exposed ocean view property that requires you to build lots of shaded structures. It is sensational to watch the transition of colors and flavors pass throughout the year on a riverfront property in Costa Rica.


Life on a property in Costa Rica that’s next to a river is sonically and visually filled with the sounds of the jungle… and not much else. This is because Costa Rica’s residential zoning rights do not allow for construction within 25ft of either side of a river. Those who build next to the meandering mountainside waterways of the Costa Ballena will rarely be in the line of sight of any neighbors because of the topography of this dynamic landscape. Even if you did build close to your neighbor, you would still not likely hear them because the flowing water and abundance of bird and animal life create a buffer for the sound waves that you would hear from a distance. For this same reason, voices close to you stand out over the soft din of the river’s current flowing past.

Tranquil Living


Boutique riverside hotel for sale in Uvita

The rivers that carve through the Costa Rican jungle can be highly contemplative places for people looking to give power to their emotional and spiritual selves. These are spaces for grounding and going with the flow. Some of the best river spots in Costa Rica will have a flat rocky outcropping that can feel like a temple to sit by and meditate. These are nature’s cathedrals that act as medicine for the soul. Even just a hike up your nearest river can elicit the feeling of being inside a magnificent structure with high ceilings that feels divine and precious.

A small wooden bench or a blanket can make your riverfront experience more cozy for a picnic or a place to stretch and play. You may not be able to build a permanent structure right on the river but you can definitely revel in what nature gave you by finding the right riverside property in Costa Ballena. There are far fewer of the stellar riverside gems than there are great ocean view properties in the Costa Ballena. If the close-to-nature style of life is what attracts you to wanting to buy property in Costa Rica, we recommend you contact us to discuss the riverfront options available today.

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